What makes a family a family? When Sam Sparrow realizes that his classmates' families don't resemble his own, he leaves the nest alone for the first time to answer this question. In an age of modern families, many children, like Sam Sparrow, are concerned and confused about the differences seen in the families of others - and their own…


Baby Tooth Book Series

Follow the adventures of Baby Tooth as he navigates dental health in a fun way kids can understand!  

Is there a child in your life who doesn't want to brush his teeth or is struggling to make nutritious food choices? Is she excited (or scared) about losing her first tooth? Is your child facing a trip to the dentist for a cavity? The Baby Tooth series tackles these situations through the eyes of Baby Tooth.


Tickle Your Teeth

Dentists recommend that parents brush their child's teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time - but getting kids to brush isn't always easy! Tickle Your Teeth is a book that makes learning about oral health engaging for kids. Baby Tooth explains why he loves brushing away sugar bugs in the morning and again at night, teaching kids lifelong habits for keeping their teeth clean and healthy.